Saturday, September 3, 2011

Asian pears & early apples ripening

   I've been harvesting some apples from our earliest variety, 'Jonafree', for the past few days.  This is one of the apple varieties immune to apple scab disease, so it needs half as many sprays as scab-susceptible apples.   'Jonafree' tastes like 'Jonathan' but is earlier and smaller, especially this year after the summer-long drought and high heat.  Hopefully we will get some rain tonight, to help all the apples and pears, and temperatures are finally supposed to cool off next week.
'Jonafree' apples taste great for an early variety, but are smaller this year and suffered more damage from heat.

   A few of the Asian pears have just started ripening, and they'll continue for the next month or so.  We grow 'Shinko', which is the Asian pear most resistant to fire blight disease, and has wonderful flavor.  Last year these Asian pears were huge, many pears weighing1/2 pound each, but they're smaller this year after the record heat and drought.  They still taste great though.
'Shinko' Asian pears are starting to ripen and will continue till early Oct.

   European pears won't be ripe for another week or so, and we'll have them until Oct. 20 or so.  We have several varieties that ripen at different times, all resistant to fire blight disease, and all with wonderful flavor.
'Luscious' European pears will start ripening next week.