Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pick-Your-Own Apple Season Has Started

   Our pick-your-own apple season started with a bang last Sat. Sept. 24, with many visitors picking lots of 'Enterprise' apples.  'Enterprise' apples are red, sweet-tart and crunchy, with a wonderful flavor somewhat like 'Jonathan'.  There will be plenty of  'Enterprise' apples to pick until mid-Nov., and we'll also have 'GoldRush' apples to pick from mid-Oct. to late Nov.
'Enterprise' apples are ripe now till mid-Nov.
   Both of these apple varieties, like almost all the apples we grow, are immune to apple scab and resistant to several other apple diseases.  This means they need half the number of sprays that scab-susceptible apple like 'Jonathan' or 'Golden Delicious' need.
    We also have harvested apples and European pears for sale, and still have a few harvested Asian pears.  Bill has been working hard on our new sales building, and this evening he spread gravel in front of it.  So now customers can park right in front of the red sales building.
Bill spread gravel for parking in front of our new sales building.
   Tomorrow we start using the sales building!  It's not fully finished inside yet, but the cooler is in and running, and we'll be selling harvested fruit and checking out pick-your-own customers there from now on.
We start selling fruit out of our new sales building tomorrow.