Friday, October 7, 2011

'Enterprise' apples & 'Harrowsweet' pears ripe

   I've been harvesting lots of 'Enterprise' apples over the last couple weeks and so have our pick-your-own customers.  We'll keep harvesting 'Enterprise' for the next 6 weeks.  I've also harvested some Coop 27, an experimental selection from the same scab-immune breeding program, and give sample slices to taste of both of these apples.  We'll start harvesting 'GoldRush' in about a week, and continue till late Nov. or even early Dec.
'Enterprise' apples are ripe now through mid-Nov.
   A few of our last European pear variety, 'Harrowsweet', are still ripening.  I give sample slices of the pears too, and everyone loves it.  Our pear crop was greatly reduced this year due to last winter's cold, though, so pears are limited.
A few 'Harrowsweet' pears will be ripening for the next 7-10 days.
   The apple crop is big, but hail last June caused a lot of surface scarring and cracking, so we have more #2 apples this year and less #1's.  The #2's are just 2/3 the price of the #1's, yet usually 95% to 99% of the apple is still usable, so many customers like to get them.
Customers may pick fruit from the 'Enterprise' tree at left, now till mid-Nov.  The 'GoldRush' tree at back right may be picked starting about Oct. 15 to late Nov.