Monday, November 7, 2011

Ornamental Fruit Plants

   We'll be finishing apple harvest over the next couple weeks.  We still have some apples for pick-your-own and lots of harvested apples for sale.  Leaves on the 'Enterprise' trees are starting to turn yellow--which looks nice with the red apples--and the 'GoldRush' leaves are turning wine-red, setting off the yellow apples.
   The pear trees have vivid fall color this year, especially 'Luscious' European pear.  Pear harvest finished up 3 weeks ago.
'Luscious' European pear trees have bright orange fall color.  The 'Shinko' Asian pear tree at back left has bright yellow fall color.  Peach trees in background are still green, but will turn yellow soon.
   Blackberry plants also have a nice wine-red fall color and purple-red stems in winter, especially 'Triple Crown' variety.  Blueberry leaves turn bright red in fall, and the stems are bright red over the winter.
We planted this blueberry hedge 30 years ago at our old house in Chetopa, KS.