Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Earlier Fruit Ripening Seasons This Year

  Due to the warm winter and spring, all our fruits are ripening earlier this year.  I've changed the fruit harvest seasons sidebar to reflect that.
  I picked a few strawberries today, on April 18!  Usually we don't start strawberry harvest until early May.  Strawberries are pick-your-own only, by appointment only, so call 620-597-2450 to arrange a time to come pick them.  We'll start having people pick strawberries next week.
I picked these 'Earliglow' strawberries today, and have already eaten some on ice cream!
  Red raspberries should start ripening by late May this year.  Our earliest thornless blackberry varieties, 'Natchez' and 'Ouachita', are blooming heavily now, so blackberry season should start at least a week earlier than normal, by June 8 or so.
'Natchez' thornless blackberries, the earliest to ripen, are blooming heavily now and should start ripening by about June 8 this year.