Thursday, July 26, 2012

'Carolina Gold' Peaches Ripe

  We started harvesting 'Carolina Gold', our 8th yellow peach variety, yesterday, so we have a good amount of peaches for sale again.  We should keep harvesting it until about Aug. 12.  We'll also have a second white peach variety, 'China Pearl', ripe about Aug. 1 to 15, and our last yellow peach variety, 'Autumn Prince', ripe about Aug. 10 to 22.
'Carolina Gold' harvest began yesterday and should go till about Aug. 12.
   We have harvested peaches for sale Mon. to Sat., 7:30 a.m. to 12 noon and 7 to 9 p.m.  Call ahead to order if you're coming a distance or want more than 20 lbs. of peaches.

We put our highway sign for peaches back up yesterday, and now have a "tree-ripened" sign done also.  I'm painting the "apples" sign now. 
   I've also harvested a few of the early 'Jonafree' apples, 3 weeks ahead of their usual ripening time as has occurred for most fruits this year.  'Jonafree' tastes similar to 'Jonathan' but is earlier and is immune to apple scab disease, so we don't have to spray for that.  I give taste samples, and many people like it a lot.  It's quite good for such an early apple.  We'll also start harvesting 'Gala' apples in a week or so.
   We're still in desperate need of rain, and are praying that we get some today.  It keeps clouding up and we got a very brief sprinkle, but then it stopped, so we hope we get more.