Tuesday, July 31, 2012

White Peaches & 'Gala' Apples Ripe Now

   We're still harvesting some 'Carolina Gold' peaches, and we just started harvesting our late white peach variety, 'China Pearl', which will be ripe until about Aug. 15.  Our last yellow peach variety, 'Autumn Prince', will be ripe about Aug. 10 to 22.  These late peaches are very limited, so call ahead to order if you want some.
'China Pearl' white peaches are just starting to ripen now, and will be ripe until about Aug. 15.
   'Gala' apples are now ripe, 3 weeks ahead of their normal ripening time, like most fruits this year.  Ongoing temperatures over 100 F each day are inhibiting formation of the usual red blush on 'Gala', so they're mostly yellow this year.  They taste great (I give taste samples) and keep about 3 to 4 weeks in the fridge.
'Gala' apples are ripe now, and are mostly yellow this year due to daily temperatures over 100 F.