Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gleaners Pick Apples for Food Bank, & Many Still for Sale

   Volunteers harvested the last of the 'Enterprise' apples still in the orchard today, for donation to the Cross Timbers Food Pantry of Edna, KS.  Pastor Mark, his wife Alice, and three others harvested 355 pounds of #1 and #2 apples, plus some #3 apples.  These will be given to 120 families next week, as part of their monthly food distribution program.
Gleaners picked the last of the 'Enterprise' apples still in the orchard today, for donation to the Cross Timbers Food Pantry.
   I'm still harvesting a few 'GoldRush' apples, which ripen so late that some are still ripening on the trees.  We now have almost 2000 lbs. of 'GoldRush' apples harvested, and over 4000 lbs. of 'Enterprise' apples harvested, in the sales building protected from freezes. 
    Our apples are great for drying as well as making pies, applesauce, apple butter, etc.  Bill's dried about 160 lbs. of apples for our own use, as well as canning 72 quarts of apple juice and making lots of apple toppings and apple butter.  These were all made from #3 apples, after cutting out the bad spots.  Bill does apple processing almost every evening, while I do computer work such as updating this blog & our Facebookpage, sending and answering e-mails, bookkeeping, etc.
These dried apple slices, or "apple chips", were dusted with a cinnamon-sugar mix before drying, and are a much healthier alternative to potato chips.  Our kids love them.
   Last weekend I planted 25 more apple trees and 8 more pear trees, of new disease-resistant varieties.  'Crimson Crisp' and 'Crimson Topaz' apples will ripen in early Sept., so in a few years we won't have a gap between our earliest apples ('Jonafree' and 'Gala') and the later apples ('Enterprise', 'Sundance', Coop 27 and finally 'GoldRush') like we did this year.
Last weekend I planted 'Crimson Crisp' apple trees, which will ripen in early Sept.
   From Dec. 1 to May 31, we're open by appointment, so please phone a day or two before coming, and leave a message on the phone answering machine saying what day & about what time you'll be coming, so I can look for you.  If you haven't called ahead and are in the vicinity, just stop by; most days I'll be in the sales building sorting apples or working elsewhere on the farm, unless I'm delivering apples to schools.  We'll probably still have 'GoldRush' apples for sale until late Jan. or early Feb., & 'Enterprise' apples until late March to mid-April.