Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cold Spring Delays Fruit Bloom & Strawberry Harvests

   The colder than average temperatures this spring have delayed bloom of many fruits.  Asian pears & European pears are blooming now, and some late-blooming peach varieties are still in bloom.  Apples have not started blooming yet, nor have strawberries.
Asian pears are blooming now, in foreground with white petals, and peach trees of the late-blooming variety 'China Pearl' are still in bloom in background with pink petals. 
   Strawberry harvest season normally starts about 1 month after bloom starts.  So it looks like strawberry harvest will run very late this year, maybe from about May 15 to June 8 or so.  That's quite a contrast with 2012, when strawberry harvest went from April 20 to May 8! 
   Raspberry, blackberry and peach harvests will also start later than last year, but probably won't be much later than most years.
   Asparagus harvest has also been delayed this year.  We should finally have limited amounts of harvested asparagus for sale from about April 25 to June 5, for $2.78 per pound + tax.  We'll also still have 'Enterprise' and 'GoldRush' apples for sale until late May this year.  They're protected from freezes in our sales building, and keep in top condition for 6-8 months in our cooler.  If you want to get asparagus and/or apples, call 620-597-2450 to let me know when you'll be coming.  Thanks.
Redbud trees are in beautiful bloom around our sales building, where we still have many great-tasting apples in our cooler.