Friday, July 19, 2013

Blackberries and Peaches Ripe

   Many thornless blackberries are now ripe.  Customers are harvesting 'Ouachita', 'Apache' and 'Triple Crown' varieties.  Blackberries are sold pick-your-own only, and are still $2.32 per quart + sales tax.  Berries are large and plentiful, and there are no thorns or chiggers!
Shelby Scott of Columbus enjoyed harvesting 'Triple Crown' thornless blackberries today.
   We're still harvesting 'Early Redhaven' and 'Surecrop' peaches, our first two varieties to ripen.  We'll continue harvesting other peach varieties until Aug. 31.  We have 15 different yellow peach varieties that provide a succession of ripening over this whole 8-week period, plus two white peach varieties that will be ripe about July 24 to Aug. 6 and Aug. 20 to Sept. 1 this year.  Some days we sell out of peaches, so if you want large amounts, call 620-597-2450 a few days ahead to order peaches.
We're harvesting 'Early Redhaven' and 'Surecrop' peaches now.  Call 620-597-2450 a few days ahead to order peaches.
   Today Joplin Globe reporter Roger McKinney, a Chetopa native, visited our farm with a photographer.  The Globe will be running a feature article on our peach harvest this Mon. July 22.
Our workers Michael Reid (left), Daniel Rennie (right), Ben Miller (back left, on ladder), Brandon Ledford (back right), and Rachael Triebel (not pictured) harvest all our peaches.
   Those coming from Joplin, Baxter Springs and other towns east of us still need to take the Hwy. 166 detour described in an earlier post (scroll down to see it).  Do NOT take the detour up to Columbus; go with "local traffic only".  Hwy. 166 will be closed between 50th St. and 60th St. for the next 3 months.  The highway department has now finished repaving the road between Chetopa and Oswego, so those coming from northwest of us no longer need to avoid Hwy. 59 between those two towns.
   We've been irrigating the berries and peaches, but still desperately need rain, since we've had only 0.1 inch of rain in the last month.  We appreciate prayers for rain specifically on our farm, and for all the other farms that need it.