Sunday, July 21, 2013

Highway Construction Detours & Rain Update

Hwy. 166 east of Chetopa
    Hwy. 166 is still closed for the next 3 months or so, for constructing a new bridge between 50th St. & 60th St., 4 miles east of Brenda's Berries.
   Those coming from the east (Joplin, Baxter Springs, etc.) on Hwy. 166: when you get to the 4-way stop 6 miles west of Baxter Springs, follow "Local Traffic Only" signs and stay straight on Hwy. 166.  IGNORE the detour signs that would take you up to Columbus and add 30 miles to your trip. Go 5 miles west on Hwy. 166 until you reach the barricade across the highway at 50th St.  Then go 1.0 mile south on 50th St., 1.0 mile west on Star Rd., & 1.0 mile north on 60th St., then turn left onto Hwy. 166 & go 3.5 miles west to 95th St., our road.  (The northern route of 1.0 mile north on 50th St., 1.0 mile west on Greenlawn Rd., & 1.0 mile south on 60th St. has been very heavily used so has developed severe ruts and washboards, so this southern route is now better.)
    Those coming from the northeast (Columbus, Pittsburg, etc.) should take Hwy. 160 west from Columbus to 90th St. (just before Angelo's Deli), turn left on 90th St. (a paved road) and go south on it for 10.0 miles, then turn right onto Hwy. 166 & go 0.5 miles west to 95th St., our road. Those coming from the south (Miami, etc.) should take Hwy. 59 north from Welch, OK to Chetopa, KS, then take Hwy. 166 east for 4.5 miles to 95th St., our road.

Hwy. 59 between Oswego and Chetopa
    Repaving of Hwy. 59 from Oswego to Chetopa has finished for now, so this route is fine now.

   Praise God we got a good soaking rain last night and this morning!  This should help the peaches gain size and the blackberries stay plump and juicy.  Hopefully we'll get more rain in the next couple days.  Thanks to all those who prayed for rain on our farm and others that needed it!  "You also joining in helping us through your prayers, that thanks may be given by many persons on our behalf for the favor bestowed upon us through the prayers of many."  2 Corinthians 1:11