Sunday, September 1, 2013

Last 10-12 Days of Fresh Peaches

   We're finishing harvest of the late yellow peach variety 'Carolina Gold' and the late white peach variety 'China Pearl'.  Both of these freestone peach varieties were developed by Dr. Dennis Werner of the North Carolina State Univ. peach breeding program, and both have outstanding flavor and quality.  I give taste samples, so come try them while they last.  Then we have one more yellow peach variety, 'Flameprince', that we'll harvest about Sept. 3 to 10.
We're finishing harvest of  'Carolina Gold' and will have these great yellow peaches for sale until Sept. 12 or so.
   We've had a huge peach crop this year, probably over 22,000 pounds, so next year's peach crop will most likely be less, or there might not be any peach crop at all next year.  So take advantage of this unusually late peach season to freeze or can some peaches for winter, as well as enjoying them fresh now!
   From today, Sept. 1, until Nov. 31, we're open our fall hours, as the sidebar at left shows: Mon. to Sat. 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sun. 1-6 p.m. We do labor on Labor Day; we're open as usual. 
Five of our workers will be picking peaches and doing other labor here on Labor Day.  Cody Stephens and Rachael Triebel are pictured here, harvesting 'Carolina Gold' peaches.  Come support our workers and buy some peaches so we'll have room in the cooler for more!
   Since most of our workers are back to school now but will be working here on Labor Day, we'll have 5 workers then who'll pick as many peaches as will fit in our cooler.  So come buy some peaches so we'll have room in the cooler for more!  We'll have peaches for sale as long as they last, probably until about Sept. 12 or 14.
   I'm still harvesting some 'Gala' apples and have some of those for sale also.  The main apple season (and pick-your-own apple season) won't start until late Sept., and apples will be heavy all of Oct. and Nov.  We'll start harvesting pears and Asian pears in mid-Sept. until late Oct. this year.