Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sorting Apples & Pruning Pears

   We took advantage of the warmer weekend, in between the frigid air masses of last week and those coming next week, to do some pruning on the pear orchard.  Pear trees tend to grow straight up, so we need to keep pruning taller branches back each winter, especially on our oldest pear trees, planted 14 years ago.  Later this winter we'll prune the apple orchard, then the peach orchard.
I pruned back many taller branches on our oldest pear trees this weekend.
   On colder days I sort apples in the sales building.  Many people have come to buy apples in the last few days, and tomorrow I deliver 80 pounds of apples to Chetopa School, so I now need to do a lot more sorting.  On the coldest days, when temperatures inside the sales building are below 40 F, I do computer work in the house instead.
   Bill made several batches of black raspberry jam on Sat. morning, using all the black raspberries I'd picked and frozen last summer.  We still have many of Bill's homemade jams and preserves for sale, as well as apples.
Some mornings I eat raisin bread toast with Bill's homemade jams and preserves for breakfast. Pear preserves (top left), peach rum preserves (top right),and black raspberry jam (bottom) all taste great.
   We'll still have apples for sale for the next 4 months, and from Dec. 1 to May 31 we're open by appointment, so call or e-mail a day or so in advance and leave a message saying when you're coming to get apples.  For highway detour directions, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on Older Posts.