Thursday, May 22, 2014

Small Strawberry Crop Ripening

   The strawberry crop will be very limited and quite late this year.  Customers started picking strawberries on May 21, and got only 2 quarts.  Strawberries will continue to ripen until about June 14, and will get more plentiful, but we won't have anywhere near the crop we've had other years.  As always, strawberries are sold pick-your-own only, by appointment only, so phone 620-597-2450 to set a time to come pick strawberries.
Only a few strawberries have started ripening, with more developing over the next 3 weeks.
   Raspberries are more cold-hardy, and we should have almost a full crop this year.  Raspberries should be ripe about June 8 to July 14.
   'Natchez', 'Ouachita' and 'Apache' thornless blackberries are now blooming, and each of these varieties should have about half their normal crop this year.  Our latest blackberry variety, 'Triple Crown', is more cold-tender and will have only about a quarter crop.  We've now finished pruning all the blackberry plants again, cutting off the winter-damaged canes.
These 'Natchez' thornless blackberry plants should have about half their normal crop this year.
   We're now thinning the apple crop by hand.  'GoldRush' and some other varieties set fruit very heavily since they opened many blooms after the April 15 freeze, and we have to remove all but one fruit per cluster.  'Enterprise' and some other varieties lost most of their blooms to the freeze, but enough fruit remain for about 2/3 of a crop.
   We still have many 'Enterprise' and some 'GoldRush' apples from last year for sale.  We also still have harvested fresh asparagus and cracked 'Kanza' pecans.  Phone 620-597-2450 and leave a message to let us know when you plan to come get apples, asparagus and/or pecans.  Scroll down for prices.