Saturday, August 9, 2014

Thornless Blackberries & Everbearing Raspberries Still Ripening

   We praise God that we got an inch of rain a couple days ago, and we're getting some more rain this afternoon.  Several customers picked a total of 25 quarts of nice large thornless blackberries this morning, plus 18 quarts of sandhill plums and a couple pints of everbearing red and yellow raspberries.  Thornless blackberries will keep ripening until at least Aug. 18 or 20 this year, so there's still time to set a day next week to come pick blackberries.

Nice large thornless blackberries are still ripening now until at least Aug. 18 or 20 this year.
   We have only 20% the amount of our usual thornless blackberry crop due to extensive cold damage to the fruiting canes last winter, so you still need to call 620-597-2450 to set a day and time to pick blackberries. We sell them pick-your-own only, for $2.55 per quart + tax pick-your-own.
Everbearing red raspberries (foreground) and yellow raspberries (background) are ripe now until the first frost in mid-Oct.
   Everbearing red and yellow raspberries will keep ripening until the first frost in mid-Oct.  We'll have some harvested apples for sale in early Sept., and the pick-your-own apple season will start in late Sept. 
   We still have cracked 'Pawnee' pecans for sale for the next few weeks.  'Pawnee' is a very large pecan variety with great taste.
   We're still open our summer hours, as the sidebar at left shows, until Aug. 31.  Our fall hours start on Sept. 1.