Thursday, October 2, 2014

Many Apple Varieties and Selections for Sale

   Harvest of 'Enterprise' apples continues.  This is our most popular apple variety, and we have 45 trees of it, which produce over 16,000 pounds of apples each year.  We have many harvested 'Enterprise' apples for sale, and also let customers pick their own 'Enterprise' apples.  This variety is great for fresh eating, baking and cooking, and keeps well in the fridge for 6 to 7 months.
'Enterprise' apples are large and easy to pick, and great for fresh eating, baking and cooking.
   We also let customers pick their own 'GoldRush' apples when they are ripe. 'GoldRush' apples ripen very late, from mid-Oct. to mid-late Nov.  'GoldRush' apples are also excellent for all uses, and keep well in the fridge for 8 to 10 months.
   Both 'Enterprise' and 'GoldRush' are immune to apple scab disease, as are almost all of our other apple varieties.  That means we don't have to spray for that disease, so scab-immune varieties need 33% fewer fungicide sprays than do scab-susceptible varieties such as 'Jonathan' or 'Golden Delicious'. 
   We have just a few trees each of several other apple varieties, which I  harvest and have for sale, and many selections from my apple breeding program, which I began 12 years ago.  I use apple scab-immune varieties or selections as parents in this breeding program, and the gene for scab-immunity is dominant, so all progeny will also be immune to apple scab disease.  This year I've named 10 apple selections, and have small amounts of each of these for sale.  I give taste samples of all 25 of our apple varieties and selections to those interested in buying them.
'Sun Shower', in the box at left, is a selection from my apple breeding program that I named this year.  It resulted from a cross of 'Sundance', in the middle box, and 'Jonafree', in the box at right.
   Pears and Asian pears are now sold out for the season.  Pecans are also sold out, until we start harvesting and cracking the new pecan crop in late Nov.
   We're still open our fall hours, as the sidebar at left shows, until Nov. 30.  We do appreciate phone messages a day or so ahead, letting us know when you're coming, since we can't always see the driveway when harvesting apples at the back of the orchard, or while working on our other fruit plantings.  For apple prices, scroll down to the previous post.