Thursday, March 5, 2015

Still Many 'GoldRush' Apples & Pecans for Sale

   We still have many harvested 'GoldRush' apples, both #1's and #2's, for sale for the next 2 to 3 months.  We also have a few #1 'Scarlett O'Hara' apples for sale for the next few weeks or so (until they sell out).  We've now sold out of #1 'Enterprise' apples and have just about 10 lbs. left of #2 'Enterprise' apples.
   I eat a fresh 'GoldRush' apple every day with my lunch.  'GoldRush' apples keep well in a fridge or cooler for 8 to 10 months, so they're still crisp, juicy and sweet for fresh eating, with an intense flavor that makes them my favorite apple.  #2 'GoldRush' apples (with small cracks) are wonderful for salads, apple slices, baking, applesauce, apple butter, etc.
#1 'GoldRush' apples (in green box at right) are great for fresh eating.  #2 'GoldRush' apples (with small cracks, in blue box at left) are wonderful for salads, apple slices, baking, etc.
   Harvested apples are kept in top condition in our cooler, which is now down to about 30% full with 1400 pounds of apples.  We also have cracked 'Kanza' pecans for sale for the next 2 months or so, and Bill's homemade jams made from our fruit.  Scroll down 3 posts for prices.
   Warm weather is forecast for this Sat. March 7 and all next week, so I'll be out pruning apple trees or pear trees every afternoon.  Our workers will join us when they're on spring break from college or high school.
   From Dec. 1 to May 31 we're open by appointment, so phone 620-597-2450 a day or so ahead (or at least a few hours ahead) and leave a message on the answering machine saying when you're coming.  If you drop by on a nice day and I don't see you come in, since I'm working elsewhere on the farm, ring the bell on the sales building.  If it's very cold or raining or snowing and I'm not in the sales building, phone 620-597-2450 or come up to the house.