Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Peach & Blackberry Seasons Ending

    We will have only a very few peaches for sale now until Aug. 20, as the latest-ripening peach varieties were greatly hurt by the 6 frosts during bloom.  No customer is getting more than 5 pounds of peaches, and some days we won't have any for sale.
We'll harvest a very small amount of our latest peach variety, 'Flameprince' yellow peaches, from about Aug. 10 to Aug. 20. Notice how few peaches are on the tree, and we only have 2 trees of this late variety.
   We'll harvest a very small amount of our latest-ripening peach variety, 'Flameprince' yellow peaches, from about Aug. 10 to Aug. 20.  We've now finished harvesting 'Carolina Gold' yellow peaches, and all of these have sold.  We'll finish harvesting 'China Pearl' white peaches over the next few days, so we'll have only small amounts of white peaches to sell until Aug. 12 or 13.
   Peaches are $1.20 per pound + tax, and 2nds peaches are $0.69 per pound + tax.
   Phone 620-597-2450 the day before you want peaches to check on availability, and leave a message with your phone number so I can return your call, as we're very limited on peaches now until the end of peach harvest.
   Some thornless blackberries are still ripening.  Customers picked some blackberries this morning, though they take longer to pick now.  A few everbearing red and yellow raspberries are also ripening.
Some everbearing red raspberries are ripe now, and yellow raspberries are also ripening.
   Please phone 620-597-2450 the day before you come to pick berries and leave a message saying the day and time you'll come, so I can look for you.  Since very few people come in early mornings to pick berries anymore, most early mornings I'm applying desperately-needed herbicides around the peach and apple trees, and I can't see or hear cars come in the driveway while I'm spraying.  Also, I pick the red raspberries for my own use unless I know someone is coming who wants to pick them.
   This evening I brought the last 7 bins of 'Enterprise' apples from our big cooler, just installed last fall, to the cooler in the sales building.  So we finally turned the big cooler off for a few months to save electricity costs.  We'll still have these 'Enterprise' apples for sale for the next couple weeks.  They were picked in mid-late Nov. 2015, and are still crisp and juicy since they keep well in a cooler for 8 to 10 months.  The 2016 'Enterprise' apple harvest won't start until very late Sept., and the best pick-your-own time is the entire month of Oct.