Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Red Raspberries Yielding Heavily

   We have many red raspberries to pick now.  Several customers picked a total of 68 pints of red raspberries yesterday, and 37 pints this morning, with more customers coming to pick this evening.  Raspberries cost $2.08 per pint + sales tax, pick-your-own, and are sold pick-your-own only.
Many red raspberries are ready to pick now, and more will ripen over the next 3 weeks.
   From June 1 to Aug. 31 we're open our summer hours, shown in the sidebar at left.  We're open 7:30 a.m. to 12 noon & 7-9 p.m. Mon.-Sat., and closed noon to 7 p.m. due to high summer heat.  We're also closed Sunday mornings for church, so on Sundays we're open 7-9 p.m. only.  If you tell others about us, please let them know our summer hours.
Our summer hours, shown on the sign on our sales building, go from June 1 to Aug. 31.
   You do not need an appointment from June 1 to Aug. 31, just come during our open hours.  Please arrive at a time that allows you to finish picking by our closing time.  Thanks.
Gela (left) had fun helping her dad Nick Lorax, (right) and mom Kelda (hidden on the other side of the red raspberry row) pick 32 pints of red raspberries on Memorial Day morning.
   Purple raspberries and black raspberries are just starting to ripen now.  Customers have picked a few pints of each, but black raspberries and purple raspberries will not start yielding heavily until about June 8 to 10.
   Thornless blackberries will start ripening about June 10 or 12, and continue until early Aug.  Thornless blackberries cost $2.55 per quart + sales tax, pick-your-own, and are sold pick-your-own only.
   We provide containers for picking berries.  We appreciate it if you return these containers to us for reuse, on your next trip to Brenda's Berries & Orchards.  Please also bring back any peach boxes of ours that you may still have, so we can reuse them.  Thanks.
   We still have harvested apples and cracked pecans for sale, for the next few weeks.  Scroll down 3 posts for prices.