Monday, September 14, 2020

'Harrow Sweet' Pears & 'Shinko' Asian Pears Ripe Now

    We still have many harvested 'Shinko' Asian pears for sale, and some 'Harrow Sweet' European pears, during our open hours.  Asian pears are shaped like apples, stay crisp like apples, and never get soft.  They're very sweet and juicy, great for fresh eating like an apple, plus great in salads and stir-fry dishes.  We grow 'Shinko' Asian pear because it's the variety with the most resistance to fire blight disease, which can kill pear trees.
I'm still harvesting 'Shinko' Asian pears (left box) and just started harvesting 'Harrow Sweet' European pears (right box) and have these for sale.
   All our European pear varieties are
resistant to fire blight disease also.  European pears are pear-shaped and are harvested and sold at the firm-ripe stage, then allowed to soften at room temperature for 3 to 5 days before eating, canning or cooking with them. The last 'Blake's Pride' pears sold last Friday, but today I harvested about 80 pounds of 'Harrow Sweet' pears.  I'll keep harvesting 'Harrow Sweet' pears for the next couple weeks, and have them for sale now until we sell out in mid-late Oct.
   Pears and Asian pears are sold harvested only.  We do not allow customers to pick their own pears, because pears are tricky to harvest at just the right stage.  Pear trees also grow straight up, so I pick most fruit from a ladder, and we do not ever allow customers to use ladders.
I harvest most of these 'Harrow Sweet' pears from a ladder.
  I'm now harvesting a few early-ripening selections from my apple breeding program, but we'll have only small amounts of #1 apples for sale until our main apple season starts in late Sept.  Our pick-your-own apple season runs from about Sept. 25 until early Nov., and we'll have lots of harvested apples for sale during that time and for the next 6 months or so.
   Harvested Asian pears, European pears and apples all cost $1.30 per pound + sales tax. A 20-pound box costs $25.00 + sales tax, so you save $1.00 by buying 20 pounds.  I harvest pears and apples directly into 2 plastic bags lining the boxes, so you can get a 10-pound bag of Asian pears and a 10-pound bag of European pears or apples (when we have them), and still get the 20-pound discount.
   We often have a few pounds of 2nds Asian pears, European pears and apples, which all cost $0.93 per pound + sales tax.  These have hail damage, cracks, or other surface damage, and are great for cooking or preserving. 
   For payment, we accept cash and checks (from any state), but NO credit cards or debit cards.  We have no phone line to the sales building, and no card reader.  Please bring your checkbook or enough cash to cover the amount of fruit you want to buy.  Thanks. 
   Just come during our fall open hours, but if you want more than 20 pounds of fruit, call 620-597-2450 a day ahead and leave a message on our answering machine saying your name, day and time you'll come, and what you want to buy.  Thanks. 
   While harvesting pears and apples, I put a sign by the bell on our sales building that says, "I'm working in the orchard. Ring bell for service."  Ring it loudly, just once or twice, and I'll hear it and come to the sales building.