Saturday, January 15, 2022

Still Many Harvested, Cracked Pecans

   We still have many harvested, cracked pecans for sale, now until about June.  We had a very good pecan crop this past fall, and fewer people come to buy them from mid-Jan. to late May, so we probably will not sell out of pecans before late June or early July. 

   We grow and sell only pecan varieties that my husband Bill has named, and selections from his pecan breeding program.  All pecans that we sell have large nuts with thin shells and flavorful kernels.

   We sell cracked pecans in 4-pound bags, which are over 75% pecan kernels and under 25% shell fragments.  Each bag has the equivalent of 6 pounds of in-shell pecans, and when you pick out the pecan kernels, you get 3 pounds or more of nutmeats.  Each bag costs $18.52 + sales tax.

The sample box at front shows what the pecans in the 4-pound bags look like. These are all  selections from Bill's pecan breeding program.

   'Gold Rush' #1 apples have now sold out for the season.  As of today, we still have about 30 pounds of 'Gold Rush' #2 apples for sale, before we're sold out of all apples for the season.

   We still have some jars of Bill's homemade jams for sale.  These are all made with more fruit and less sugar, from our homegrown fruits.

We still have the top 2 rows of Bill's homemade jams for sale, but we've now sold out of all raspberry jams on the bottom row. I'll harvest more raspberries in June & Bill will make more raspberry jams in July.
   From Dec. 1 to May 31, we’re open by appointment.  That means to phone 620-597-2450 a day ahead and leave a message on our answering machine with your name, day & time you’ll come, and what you want to buy.

   Our phone rings in our house, so I'll answer it if you call while it's cold out, and I'm working on the computer as I am now.  If you call while the weather's warm, we're working in the orchards, so leave a message on our answering machine.  We have no phone in our sales building or pecan building and we don't carry cell phones with us.  So we'll get your message when we come in from working in the orchard, sales building or pecan cracking room.  That's why you need to call a day ahead.

   For payment, we accept cash and checks (from any state), but NO credit cards or debit cards.  We have no phone line to the sales building, and no card reader.  Please bring your checkbook or enough cash to cover the amount you want to buy.  Thanks.