Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year Sale on #2 Apples

  We still have many harvested 'GoldRush' apples, both #1's and #2's, for sale now and for the next 4 to 5 months.  #1 (practically perfect) 'GoldRush' apples keep well for 8 to 10 months in a refrigerator, and get sweeter as the starches convert into sugars.  Fully-ripened 'GoldRush' apples have a taste similar to 'Honeycrisp', and 'GoldRush' is my favorite apple for fresh eating.  #2 'GoldRush' apples (with small cracks) are wonderful for salads, apple slices, baking, applesauce, apple butter, etc.
   We also have some #1 'Scarlett O'Hara' apples for sale for the next couple months (until they sell out).  'Scarlett O'Hara' apples are sweet-tart, with a strong unique flavor that some customers love, and keep well for about 4 months in a refrigerator.  We sold out of #1 'Enterprise' apples but have many #2 'Enterprise' apples.  'Enterprise' apples are sweet-tart, great for both fresh eating and baking, and are a favorite of many customers.  Harvested apples are kept in top condition in our cooler, which now holds about 3000 pounds of apples.
   #2 apple prices are now $1.00 less for each 20 lbs. than last fall.  Smaller amounts of harvested #2 apples are still $0.83 per pound + tax, but 20 lbs. #2's are now just $14.86 + tax ($0.74 per pound), and 40 lbs. #2's are just $27.87 + tax ($0.70 per pound).  You can also get the 40-lb. discount by buying 20 lbs. #1's ($22.29 + tax = $1.11 per pound) and 20 lbs. #2's ($13.93 + tax = $0.70 per pound).  Harvested #1 apples are still $1.21 per pound + tax, 20 lbs. #1's are still $23.22 + tax ($1.16 per pound), and 40 lbs. #1's are still $44.59 + tax ($1.11 per pound).
#2 apples like these, with small cracks or other surface damage, are now $1.00 less for each 20 lbs. than last fall.  They're great for salads, apple slices, baking, applesauce, apple butter, etc.
     Fresh apples have many health benefits.  They're high in calcium, good for building bones and teeth, and help prevent bone loss and tooth decay when eaten regularly.  Apples are high in fiber, crunchy, and satisfy your sweet tooth, yet are low in calories.  Fresh apples fill you up without causing weight gain, and can help you lose weight if you eat fresh apples instead of fattening foods.  Eating apples regularly also helps prevent colon cancer, some other cancers and some digestive problems.  There is truth in the old saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."
    Pecans are also beneficial, as they are high in omega-3 oils that can help prevent heart disease, some cancers, and Alzheimer's disease.  We still have 5-lb. bags of cracked 'Kanza' pecans for sale, for $14.86 + tax per bag.  'Kanza' is a larger pecan variety, with excellent flavor.  Our Facebook page, Brendas Berries, has many recipes posted as Notes that feature apples and pecans.

Our 5-lb. bags of cracked 'Kanza' pecans contain the equivalent of 6 lbs. of in-shell pecans, since after cracking them, Bill blows off excess shells before he weighs the bags.  They're easy to pick out and you get at least 3 lbs. of nutmeats from a 5-lb. bag of cracked 'Kanza' pecans.
   We also have Bill's homemade jams and fruit butters for sale, all made from fruit we grow.  He uses low-sugar pectin, so our fruit products are made with more fruit and less sugar.  They cost $5.57 + tax per pint jar, and if you return the clean, empty jar to us after finishing the jam, you get $0.50 off your next jar of jam.
   We'll have apples and pecans for sale for the next 5 months, and from Dec. 1 to May 31 we're open by appointment.  Call 620-597-2450 (which rings in the house) or e-mail a day or so in advance, and leave a message saying when you're coming to get apples and/or pecans.  If you drop by on a nice day and I don't see you come in, since I'm working elsewhere on the farm, ring the bell on the sales building.  If it's very cold or raining or snowing and I'm not in the sales building, phone 620-597-2450 or come up to the house.